How to solve an economic trilemma

How do you combine high employment and low levels of inequality, without high taxes? There are lessons to learn from both the Netherlands and Switzerland Read more

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US education: an Ivy League of its own

What could possibly justify high US government subsidies to elite private universities, compared with low subsidies to public universities serving lower income students? We should be told Read more

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The coming European depression

The European authorities have created a lethal policy brew, imposing deflationary monetary policies while withdrawing the financial safety net. Depression is the inevitable consequence Read more

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World economy: in denial over debt

Global debt-to-GDP is breaking new highs in ways that hinder recovery in mature economies and threaten new crises in emerging nations – especially China. Developed economies must expect prolonged low growth or even another crisis Read more

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Africa on the move

Africa’s accelerated growth is creating optimism throughout the continent. This month, ministers, civil servants and bankers will gather in Washington to consider how to boost development and improve public financial management still further Read more

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IMF: suitable case for reform

The IMF needs to transform itself to keep pace with the changes in the world economy, in particular the rising importance of emerging markets. But so far the US Congress has been standing in the way  
Read more

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Too late, Mario Draghi

The European Central Bank president is doing the right thing in embarking on a programme of quantitative easing, but his efforts have been frustrated by years of political paralysis Read more

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How can we better compare fiscal fundamentals?

A new dataset is throwing fresh light on old assumptions about government revenue in developing countries Read more

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Detroit: who pays for the bankruptcy?

Detroit’s bankruptcy has hit inner-city dwellers, public services and public servants disproportionately, while those living in the upscale suburbs continue to prosper. How fair is that? Read more

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Globalisation and its discontents

Globalisation has created substantial benefits, but global governance must evolve to meet the challenges posed by new systemic risks. The 2007-08 financial crisis highlighted the potential for negative economic developments to spread quickly across the world’s interconnected economies Read more

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