Australia: beware conservative complacency

After two decades of economic good times, Australia’s prosperity is under threat while Tony Abbott’s government pursues pet ideological projects Read more

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The G20 is keeping the focus on tax transparency

The communiqué issued by the G20 following its recent Brisbane meeting maintains the momentum on tackling international tax avoidance and evasion Read more

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EU investment plan – long on hope, short on money?

Jean-Claude Juncker’s European Investment Plan uses public money to draw out private investment. But there are big questions marks over whether it will succeed Read more

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Global competitiveness needs local collaboration

Public services are crucially important to countries’ future competitiveness and can produce more inclusive economies Read more

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EU banks: still stressed

Beware an overly rosy interpretation of last month’s EU-wide bank stress tests. They used unreliable measures of bank capital ratios. The ECB must do more to fix undercapitalisation

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In the frame

Is your organisation efficient, economic, effective and equitable? There is one code to help perfect them all

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Proudly public sector

Gordon Ferrier charts CIPFA’s support for training in developing countries Education and training for public sector finance staff is an essential component of public financial management. Read more

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IPSAS: ready or not?

African nations are enthusiastically trying to strengthen public financial reporting, but challenges remain to implementing international accounting standards Read more

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Keep pushing on accounts transparency

CIPFA International’s chair on his take-away message for delegates to the World Congress of Accountants Read more

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Leading from the front on finance

In an ever more complex, globalised world, accountants need to join the public finance dots. A whole systems approach will help them rise to the challenge Read more

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