There can be no democracy in the EU without transparency

The European Union needs to enhance the transparency offered by its institutions and Member States. Being an active participant in a democracy means being an active participant in the management of public money. Read more

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Parking charges could boost Nigeria’s coffers by $10bn

The IMF has said that Nigeria needs to broaden its revenue base. Introducing parking charges would be a good first step. Read more

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For global compliance EU sanctions on Russia take us into uncharted territory

The crisis in Ukraine has caused the European Union to bare its teeth and extend the reach of its sanctions policies on Russia. The effect on the EU market has been unprecedented and unpredictable. Read more

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EU: one-size fiscal policy doesn’t fit all

In an uncertain world, we need an approach to responsible fiscal policy that is tailored to individual countries, and groups of countries. In the EU this means very different policies according to member states’ needs Read more

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The Greek election: a travesty based on a lie

Syriza’s win in the Greek elections has focused global attention on the country’s problematic public finances. But one of the myths about Greece is that is has a debt problem at all Read more

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New Year’s resolutions from IPSASB

The publication of a Conceptual Framework from the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board marks the start of a new year. Like the best resolutions, it’s all about self-improvement. Read more

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Rethinking development in an age of uncertainty

Both the World Bank and the OECD have begun to question the central tenets on which their thinking and advocacy is based. This is a welcome step and will hopefully lead to more nuanced and collaborative development policy Read more

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Fair and equitable funding: lessons from Australia

Australia’s Commonwealth Grants Commission has for the past 80 years worked to ensure fiscal equalisation between the federation’s states and territories. It could provide an instructive example to other nations grappling with devolution funding Read more

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Australia: beware conservative complacency

After two decades of economic good times, Australia’s prosperity is under threat while Tony Abbott’s government pursues pet ideological projects Read more

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The G20 is keeping the focus on tax transparency

The communiqué issued by the G20 following its recent Brisbane meeting maintains the momentum on tackling international tax avoidance and evasion Read more

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